Winbox is giving away RM100 for Real Name Authentication

Please note:

It will be possible to authenticate using real names starting at 12:00PM GMT+8 on 31-12-2023

This Gaming platform will require users to authenticate using their real names in order to improve and protect their privacy.

It is necessary to authenticate users by their real names. Transfers, Receives, and Adding friends cannot be used without verification.

The name of the top up/withdraw account must be the same as the real-name authentication name.

I would like you to be aware! Many Many thanks to You!

Winbox Free RM100

Notification of rewards for real-name authentication:

If you use real-name authentication on your first top up, you will receive MYR100 in rewards, this event only applies to online banking top ups.

During top-up, the name of the bank account must match the name of the real-name authentication.

What is Real Name Authentication and how can I get RM100 for free?

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Authentication using Winbox real-names Q&A

Q1: Can a bank account have more than one real name attached to it?

A1: There can be an unlimited number of real names on the same bank account.

Q2: Is it necessary for shareholders and members to have real names as well?

A2: The real-name is not mandatory, but if you do not have one, you will not be able to add friends, send money, or receive money.

Q3: What is the user name that receives 100 free or what is the bank account that receives 100 free? A user with five bank accounts, for example, will get one account or five?

A3: Bank accounts determine the gift amount of 100. The real-name binding for a user with 5 bank accounts will require 5 UIDs, for example

Q4: Why do we need to authenticate real names?

A4: The company account should not be used to carry out bombings or deceptions by people with bad intentions.

Do customers with two UIDs get the first-charge reward once or twice if they have the same bank account?

A bank account can only be topped up once, and it is bound to a real name.

Q5: In order to get the first recharge reward, how much does the first recharge have to be?

A5: In accordance with the platform’s minimum deposit amount, it is currently 20 RM.

Q6: How would it work if player A recharges the game and transfers the points to player B, and then player B wins money and withdraws it?

A6: Yes it is allowed.

Q7: When I make my first deposit using Quick Deposit and ATM Cash Deposit, do I get the first deposit reward?

A7: In order to earn the first top-up reward after real-name, you need to use a bank transfer to earn points.

Q8: Are deposits and withdrawals required to have the same name without real-name authentication?

A8: Any bank using a pseudonym can recharge, and the last bank you recharged with must be used for withdrawals.

Q9: Can the real name of a bank be used in the company name?

A9: That’s fine, no problem.

Q10: What is the maximum number of real names that should be associated with a UID?

A10: There can only be one real name associated with a UID.

Q11: What is the maximum number of real names that should be associated with a UID?

A11: There can only be one real name associated with a UID.

Q12: Are real-name authentication certificates required?

A12: It is not necessary to upload credentials.

Q13: Do you know what “Winbox Free RM100”?

A13: As part of the “Winbox Free RM100” promotion, new players or existing members who meet certain eligibility requirements can receive a free bonus of RM100 (Malaysian Ringgit).

Q14: Could you please tell me how I can claim the “Winbox Free RM100” bonus?

A14: It is possible that you will be required to register a new account or meet specific requirements to claim the “Winbox Free RM100” bonus. It may require you to make a qualifying deposit, enter a promotional code, or meet other requirements.

Q15: Do Winbox Free RM100 bonuses have wagering requirements?

A15: There are wagering requirements for most bonuses, including Winbox Free RM100.

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